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Association Profile

Association Profile

The International Ceramic Artists Assocation(Short for ICAA) was founded in November, 2008, which was an nonprofitable professional ceramic art organization launched and managed by the ceramists. The Association members came from more than 10 countries from the world, which covered the five contenents of the Earth.

The Principal of the Association is to promote the inter-communications between the ceramists, the art associations, the educational organizations, the museums, the art galleries through the creation activities, the lectures, the exhibitions and shows, so as to encourage and promote the art and cultural cooperation between countries and to improve the development levels of contemporary ceramic art of the world.

The International Ceramist Art Gallery was founded in Li Zi Yuan Art Center in 2008 in Shandong, China by the Association.Two times of international ceramic art forum had been held since then. During the forum, the ceramists from different countries described their understandings to the art and their creational motions and introduced the development history of the ceramic art and the characteristics of their culture. There were also site creations and firing activities, the members shared the creation skills and firing technics between each other. In 2008, the Association. published the book: The International Ceramic Artworks Collection; In 2010, it published the book: The International Ceramic Art Paper Collection. In 2010, the artworks of the members were displayed in Qingdao Art Gallery, in 2011 the artworks of the members attended the Shenzhen (China) Cultural Industrial Fair and got many prizes. Through these activities, the association promoted the exchanges and cooperations of different art and culture of different countries and the association will play more important role in improving the development of the contemporary ceramic art of the world.


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