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Association Profile

The Logo of ICAA Is Under Collecting
from the Members

In order to setup the image of the ICAA and enlarge the fame and influence of the Association, now the logo of ICAA is under collecting from the members
1. The theme must be prominent and the creation is unique, which has strong visual appeal and impact
2. Its connotation must be rich; the implied meaning must be suitable, simple and attractive, good color collocation and is suitable for all kinds of propaganda.

3. it must be creative, prominent personality and obviously differed from the other logos
4. It can be used in the books, business cards, the websites and the contracts and it can be also complied with the requirements of the VI design
II. Applying Notice:
1. The member can supply one set of main design and meanwhile you can recommend 1—3 draft pictures of the logo as the alternative. The main design includes: one core design, which includes the standard proportion and the standard color, the description to the design and the explanations of the logo, the picture and the labels

2. The name, ID number, the contact address and the telephone is required to be labeled
III. The Copyright of the Design

1. The logo designed must be original and specifically made for this activity.   

2. ALL contents must be original. For work or for creation of works for any material shall not have infringed the copyright of any third party or any other intellectual property or proprietary rights situation, and may not, by any means, infringe any third party any other rights.

IV. The Selection of the Logo
1. After the work is enrolled or selected, the Association will have all intellectual properties and usage and publication rights of the work. The designer can not use this work in the other places any more.
2. If the work involved in the copyright disputes or any other legal issues, the designer would charge it by himself

V. Type of Submission

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