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Association Profile

Notes for the Membership of ICAA

Principal of the Membership

Applying at will. Participating Freely  Following the Rules.  Paying the Dues.

Enjoying the Rights&Fulfilling the Obligations,Honesty and Trushworthy,Obeying the Law.

Requirements to the Member:

1.The ceramic master, ceramic professor from college or university, or the ceramist who is recognized in the ceramic art field.

2. Demonstrate a strong commitment to a career in ceramic art.The applicant is willing to apply for the membership and obey the regulations of the Association.

Procedures of the Membership:

1. Filling in one copy of the the Application Form

2. Hand in the related documents, including:

          (1)Personal  CV                                                      

          (2)Personal Photo

          (3)5 to 10 photos of recent artworks 

          (4)Donates 3 personal artworks for display in the Art Center(after acceptance).

3. A letter of recommendation from at least one current member.

  The application form must be signed by two Asssociation members

4. All materials should be submitted to :


Li Zi Yuan Art Center

No.260 of East Song Ling Road, Zichuan District, Zibo City, Shandong Province, China.

5.The Chairman Committee will examine an approve within two months after all application documents are received. The Association seeks a balance of members from different countries.

6. If the application has been approved, the secretariat will inform the applicant and send them a membership certificate.

The Services the Members Enjoyed:

Forum Communication---You can attend the International Ceramic Art Forum that takes place every two years in different countries. Make and fire the artworks together with the ceramists from all over the world, so as to strengthen the communications with them and broaden your horizen.

Free Information----Your artworks can be sent for display in all kinds of  exhibitions organinzed by the Association freely. During the Forum, your accommodation,food, local touring are all free. You can display your artworks in the Assocaiton Art Center freely. You can add your personal homepage on the website of the Association.

The Method of Paying the Due

According to the Regulations of Paying the Due(See the Article 12 of the Regulations of the Association) and the cost of the normal business activities of the Association, the Due Standard and the Methods are listed below:

1. Due Standard: The member must pay USD100  Dollars every year

2. The Period of Paying: Pay the due every first season of the year, the new member should pay the due within one moth after he/she receives approval of the membership

3. For the member who delays or does not pay the due will be regarded as the “inactive memeber”, all his activities in the association will be terminated. The chairman will decide this situation: temporarily stop the membership or remove the membership

4. Use of the Dues: The dues payed by the members will be used in the normail business activities.

5. The Method of Paying the Due: Member transfers the money to the account of the Association through the West Union directly.

Name: Li Zi Yuan Art Center

Address: No.260 of East Song Ling Road, Zichuan District, Zibo City, Shandong Province, China

You can pay the money by other methods. After the Association gets the money, you can get a receipt stamped by the Assocation.


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