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Association Profile


       Article I    Name and Organization

The International Ceramic Artists Association (ICAA) is a non-profit professional ceramic art organization managed by ceramics artists and dedicated to the advancement of the contemporary ceramic art, representing the interests of ceramic artists worldwide.

Article II    Aims and Purpose

The aims and purpose of the association art of promote the exchanges between the ceramic artists, artist organizations, education institutions and museums and galleries by holding workshops, lectures, exhibitions and demonstrations, to encourage the artistic and cultural cooperation among the countries and to enhance the development of contemporary ceramics around the world.

ARTICLE III    Membership and Nomination

The members of the association are mainly consisted of full-time ceramic artists, museum and gallery curators, professors, collectors, curators and professional organizations. They are dedicated to the promotion and advancement of the contemporary ceramic art through public education, training and exhibition.

Candidates are nominated for membership by existing members of the Association. The application must be supported by two individual members of the Association. The number of applications for admission to the Association are determined and accepted by the council each year.

ARTICLE IV    Council

The council of the Association consists of at least five existing members selected by mutual consent for the common and nonprofit purposes. The total number of council member positions will be determined as the Association requires, changeable as circumstances necessitate. Each member of the council is titled Chairman of the Association and represents all the members of one regional chapter.

The executive Chairman of the Council is nominated by the council members every two years. The chairman is in charge of the secretariat of the Association and the organizing preparations for the next assembly.

ARTICLE V    Activities

The Association publishes a quarterly newsletter by emails through which the members receive information on ceramics related events around the world.

Other ICAA activities include the professional workshops and exhibition every two years, lectures for members and guest artists from around the world and professional relationships with professional organizations.

ARTICLE VI    Secretariat

The secretary general is nominated and approved by the Council of the Association and the Secretariat is housed in the Liziyuan Ceramic Art Center in Zibo, Shandong Province, China.

The office of the Secretary-Treasurer of the Association will be located in the same address. The fiscal year shall be January 1 through December 31 of each year and all the records shall be preserved by the Secretariat.

ARTICLE VII     Dissolution

In the event of the dissolution of the Association, its property, funds and other

assets shall be transferred to whatever organization or organizations operated exclusively for public and non-profit purposes.

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