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í˝ The International Ceramic Art
í˝ The Internatioonal Ceramic Art
Association Seminar

The First International Ceramic Art Forum&
The Publishing Ceremony

    October, 2008, the openning ceremony was conducted by Mr. Si Ji Chang, the Vice Director of Zichuan District. The guests at present were listed below: The chairmen of the ICAA: Mr. Li Zi Yuan(China), Mrs. Maro Kerassioti(Greece), Mr. Lee Middleman(USA), Mr. Kim Yong Moon(Korea), Ms Vilma Villaverde(Argentina); Mr. Yang Zi Peng(The Vice Director of China Light Industry Council and Director of China Ceramic Industrial Association), Mr. Du Xiang Rong(The former Secretary of CPC Zibo Committee& ceramic expert), Mr. Han Ke Xin(Director of Shandong Ceramic Industrial Association) and the leaders from Zibo Foreign Affairs Office, Zibo Economic& Information Committee and the Zichuan Peopleí»s Government concerns.

    During the forum, the ceramists made and fired ceramic artworks and discussed ceramic art techniques and tradtions.The forum lasted for 12 days and ended on October 12, 2008.    



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