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í˝ The International Ceramic Art
í˝ The Internatioonal Ceramic Art
Association Seminar

The International Ceramic Art Exhibition of ICAA
was held in Qingdao Art Gallery

 On November, 10th, Qingdao Contemporary International Ceramic Art Exhibition(2010) was opened. The artworks of 22 ceramists from USA, France, Russia, Argentina, Greece and other total 15 countries and 10 Chinese ceramists are displayed on this exhibition.

According to the inviteí»s introduction, the ceramists attended were all interantional famous and got many international awardings. Not only the already finished artworks, but also the newest artworks were attending this exhibiton. The Qingdao citizens can have chance to know the different art content of different countries through these different featured artworks from different countries, and can think about the cultural attitude appeared through these cermaic art, which demonstrate the public properity, mind properity and historical properity. 

The exhibition was three days long, afterwards, some of the artworks would be donated to Qingdao Technical College for reservation.



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