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Lee MiddlemanUSA

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Lee  Middleman

Portola Valley, California, USA

In Lee¨s signature work, he throws classic forms and uses surface textures to give them energy and vitality resulting in art that is both pleasing and alive. I seek to create patterns and textures that emphasize the organic interplay between order and randomness found in Nature. Lee uses multiple glazes to intensify the dynamic tension in his surfaces. Although functional, his work is often prized as decorative.

Lee has been recognized by many national juried competitions in the United States including Feats of Clay, ̄ ^Strictly Functional Pottery National, ̄ ^California Clay Competition, and Ink & Clay. In 2003, he was accepted into the World Ceramic Competition, World Biennale in Icheon, Korea. Museums in China, Korea and Japan have collected his work. He combines his ceramic career with his strong interest in Asian cultures by accepting invitations to several artist-in-residencies or ceramic woodfire festivals in Asia each year.

His art has also been reviewed in many publications, including Ceramics Monthly as well as international magazines and books. Lee has been interviewed on television in the United States and Japan.

Lee is Past-President of the Association of Clay and Glass Artists. He holds a PhD in Physics from Stanford University and BA in Physics from Johns Hopkins University.


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Patterns of the California Coast in Ceramic Art
Three Ceramicists Influential to Me
A Survey of ContemporaryCeramics in California
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Exhibition of Artworks
Exhibition of Artworks
Exhibition of Artworks
Exhibition of Artworks
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