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Shin, JeongsoonKorea

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Shin, Jeongsoon

She was born in Seoul, Korea in 1956, and graduated from Art & Design Department of INHA Technical College, Korea.

She obtained grand prize at Inchon International Art Exhibition of Lovers;  Award of Excellence of Inchon City Art Exhibition;  Was selected by Inchon Seoul- Inchon Art Show10 times, and among these, four times were specially invited.

She has participated many solo and joint exhibitions in Korea and abroad since 2002.

She has been involved in ceramic art for more than 20 years, and are with great interest in creating ceramic art works.

Her design idea is to follow the path of the time, searching various shapes of rocks and the nature. She feels her work is as travelling among the time, as if backed before of  the birth. She wishes her life could like wind and water, accepting whatever conditions the haven offered. She express her feelings and thought through ceramic art.


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A Study of Traditional Jeju Onggi and Jeju Stone Kiln
My companion and mentor in life
Lyrical Sentiments of Pottery Motivated by the Image of Nature
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Exhibition of Artworks
Exhibition of Artworks
Exhibition of Artworks
Exhibition of Artworks
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