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Duncan ShearerNewZealand

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Duncan Shearer

I first became interested in clay as a teenager and when I was 16 took lessons at the Auckland Studio Potters. In 1994 I started studying ceramics at UNITEC in Auckland, graduating in 1998 with a bachelor in 3D design, majoring in ceramics and since then I have been working as a studio potter. I currently hold the position of Manager of the Waikato Society of Potters and was previously Co-Director of the Auckland Studio Potters.

Most of my work begins life on the potter¨s wheel, but that is often just the start of the making process. I add, subtract and alter the initial round forms, looking for a liveliness and freshness that will remain in the finished pieces. I use a wood kiln to fire my work as it provides the richest surfaces that compliment my forms. The physical nature of this firing process and its inherent variability give my work originality and a decorating touch that speaks about process. I enjoy producing work in small runs of a particular shape or firing method.

I like to travel and use the freedom of unplanned excursions as liberating and eye-opening experiences; a way to re-examine ideas and situations that leads to new approaches and influences in my work. My travels also usual incorporate a ceramic festival or wood firing event along the way.

I have entered many major curated ceramic competitions/exhibitions in recent years, including the Portage Ceramic Awards. In addition, I have had a number of solo and joint exhibitions at galleries throughout New Zealand.


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