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Li Ziyuanchina

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Li Ziyuan

National Master of Ceramic Art since 2003,enjoying life-long allowance of the State Council since 1992, Part-time Professors of Shandong University of Technology and Shandong Institute of Craft Arts.

Born in 1944 in Zibo, Li graduated from Shandong Zibo Ceramic School, with a  fine art major in 1962. Li, studying under famous painter Master Li Zuoquan, started working in Zibo Porcelain Factory, and benefited a lot from the Master. In 1982, Li was promoted to Artist of Craft and Art, and awarded Model Worker by the provincial government.

Li¨s works have gained very high reputation both at home and abroad; twice he has received national awards, and four times provincial awards. Li participated in exhibitions held in the U.S.A, Japan, Mexico, Argentina, Algeria, Canada, Thailand, Germany, Switzerland, Hong Kong, and the mainland of China. In 1982 Li was awarded the Gold Medal and the Winner of Finest Effort in Munich 34th International Craft and Art Exhibition. Li obtained the Governor¨s Money Award of Bavaria, Germany.

Learning from others and combining painting, calligraphy, and engraving characteristics, Li formed his artistic style which is simple, elegant, pithy, and solemn. Li Ziyuan is recognized as the representative of the art of Chinese porcelain carving.


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NPC Vice Chairman Li Tieying visited Li Zi Yuan studio
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