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Meng ShufengChina

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Meng Shufeng

He is from Tongchuan of Shaanxi Province, China,  Master of Arts and Crafts of China,  National Representative Traditional Bearer of non-material cultural heritage,  Expert with standing out contributions of Shaanxi Province. He is Director of Tongchuan Ceramic Research Institute.
He has long been involved in research on ancient ceramics, and made a great contribution to the recovery of Yaozhou Kiln. As the leading force, he and his colleagues have been carrying out development and designs of Yaozhou Kiln and Yaozhou ceramics.
He is:
Executive Director of China Academy of Arts and Crafts;
Executive Director of China Association of Industrial Ceramics;
Appraisal expert of art investment of CCTV;
Judge of non-material cultural heritage of Shaanxi Province, China


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