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The Introduction to Li Kechang

Li Kechang was born in September, 1942 in Boshan, Shandong Province. He was engaged in inside painting art in Shandong Boshan Art Crystal Factory. Bi Hengyuan was his first master, and then Xue Jingwan, Zhang Wentang and Ding Yaodong. During his working in that factory, he was promoted from a technician to a master of art, and then to the senior craftsman. In 1988, he was awarded with the title of master of Chinese craft and art by the Ministry of Light Industry. In 1989, he was embodied by the Ministry of Culture and the Annuals Column of Chinese Artists. He took the office of commission director in the Institute of Chinese Craft and Arts in Snuff Bottle major. In 1992, he was granted the Special Allowance by the State Council of China. In 1993, he became the vice technical head of Shandong Zibo Institute of Arts and Craft, and he immigrated to Australia to go on his art career after his retirement.

Li has great influence in the academic field of Chinese inside painting and he has delivered a lot of articles to instruct the development of inside painting art. With a abundant culture background, he invented so many inside painting creation, and Li has succeeded in researching the form of oil painting and Chinese painting. Therefore, his works are valuable in literature, influential in the world, and popular in collection.


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