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Iosifina Kosma Greece

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Iosifina Kosma

Iosifina Kosma was born in 1968 in Athens. She studied Architecture in Athens and, at the same time, she followed ceramics studies with M. Kerassioti, K. Tarkassis and T. Konstantakos. In 1997, she obtained an M.A. with merit at the Ceramics Department of Middlesex University, London. She is a member of the Greek Chamber of Fine Arts. She has taught ceramics at the Campus Arts and Sciences College, Athens, and at the Fine Arts Studio of the Municipal Cultural Centre, Ioannina. She has done two individual exhibitions in Greece and has participated in several group exhibitions in Greece and abroad.

Her primary focus in her work is the representation of the female body. Her aim is not at a realistic depiction but, rather, to express what she considers being the essence of womanhood. Elements such as strength, protection, and embrace are qualities that she wants to convey through her work. These are expressed with the depiction of a big woman with curves which themselves are related to notions such as warmth and integrity.

The composition and the harmony of the body are of central importance. The curves follow each other and combine together in a way that allows the light to flow smoothly. The proportions are unrealistic and the bodies are exaggerated. Some poses are relaxing, contemplative, thoughtful and others more dynamic, librated, and energetic.


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Exhibition of Artworks
Exhibition of Artworks
Exhibition of Artworks
Exhibition of Artworks
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