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Vineet Kacker

Vineet KackerĦŻs work is informed by his formal training as an architect, and inspired primarily by the Indian sources of his inspirations ¨C landscape, art and iconography of the Himalayas, and built form that references the sacred. Seemingly opposite characteristics often combine on a single piece ¨C the ancient/timeless against the contemporary, the ceremonial against the ordinary. This extends to the surface and the making process as well - rough textures and dry glazes contrast with traditional celadon glazes, and often several different techniques may be used on a single piece ¨C wheel throwing, hand building and plaster molds. Ħ°I see myself sampling and remixing old texts, icons and imagery into new visual works that are exploratory and contemplative, symbolic without being derivative, accessible without being populistĦħ.

After honing his skills at the Golden Bridge Pottery in Pondicherry, Vineet worked as an artist-in-residence at the Anderson Ranch Arts Center in Colorado, as well as the Northern Clay Center, Minnesota, U.S.A. In 2007 he was invited to be a part of the Ħ°Skin of AsiasĦħ exhibition at the World Biennale at Icheon, Korea. He has won several awards, notably the Charles Wallace Fellowship and the Fulbright travel grant. His work has been published in international magazines such as Ceramics Art and Perception and Studio Potter. He has exhibited widely  in India and abroad.


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Ħ¤ Contemporary Clay in India-Riseof the Non-Functional
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