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Tom Decker


Tom Decker learned early on the value in expressing a unique point of view. A Berkeley, California, native, he experienced the Free Speech Movement, public school desegregation, and anti-war protest. Tom look to clay naturally and started making art in the legacy of a revolutionary spirit.

For the past twenty-five years he has been devoted to expression in the visual arts, becoming internationally recognized in ceramics. Today, his ceramic artwork encompasses an eclectic range of materials and processes from figurative sculpture, to raku teabowls, to sodafired stoneware.

Currently a Lecturer at California State University, Sacramento, in fall 2008 he will teach and conduct research at the University of the Philippines as a Fulbright scholar. Images of Tom Decker¡¯s artwork can be viewed online at


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Exhibition of Artworks
Exhibition of Artworks
Exhibition of Artworks
Exhibition of Artworks
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