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Chen Yimo (China)

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Chen Yimo

Chen Yimo, born in 1933 into a family of pottery artists in Boshan, Shandong Province, began learning pottery skills in childhood from his father. In 1958 he enrolled in China Central Academy of Arts and Crafts. As a Master of Chinese Arts and Crafts and a Master of Chinese Ceramic Arts, Chen was on the board of judges for the accreditation of the Fifth Masters of Chinese Arts and Crafts, for the accreditation of the First Masters of Chinese Ceramic Arts, and for China National Ceramic Innovation Competition. Master Chen is the Vice Chairman of the Industrial Ceramic Association of Shandong Province, and Director of Shandong Provincial Committee for Fine Art. He enjoys having the allowance granted by the State Council of China. In 2005, Chen was awarded the ¡°Lifelong Achievements Award in Chinese Arts and Crafts¡±.

Chen¡¯s relief sculpture ¡°Dragon Plate¡±, defined as the first class of national art works, has been collected by the Treasures Hall of China Arts and Crafts. His ¡°Balance¡±, ¡°The Century Monument¡± and ¡°Jia Sixie (a Chinese ancient agricultural scientist)¡± were collected by China National Museum and China National Art Gallery. His ¡°Chinese Dragon¡± is honored as the modern Official Wear of  China.

Master Chen has created more than 400 pieces of sculptures, among which 108 pieces gained national and provincial rewards. Many of them were collected as national presents, and were exhibited internationally as well.


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Exhibition of Artworks
Exhibition of Artworks
Exhibition of Artworks
Exhibition of Artworks
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