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Mutlu Baskaya Turkey

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Mutlu Baskaya

In her forms, Mutlu Baskaya uses the combination of mixed materials and ceramics in two ways: in the first one, the form is created as a result of firing of mixed materials used together with clay consisting of various inorganic and organic materials; in the second one, forms are generated through post-firing with a combination of materials which cannot be placed in a kiln. While making the first group of applications, many firing techniques are utilized including certain primitive firing techniques, and observations are made on the combination of mixed materials and clay for each technique. In her works generally Egyptian paste is fired with other mixed materials, like wire mesh or tea strainer, taking on the duty of load bearing element with Egyptian paste adhering to the wire easily. She says about her works ^My experimental style approaches, which started with intuitive knowledge in the process of capturing a contemporary language of expression capitalizing on tradition, help me discover the contrast and complementation between two different materials. Also, forms will bring together a set of questions in conceptual sense, considering the meaning of utilitarian objects. ̄

Baskara was graduated from the Fine Art Faculty of Hacettepe University in 1992. She started to work as a research assistant in the same department. After completing her master work of art report, she was appointed as an instructor in 1999. In Turkey and abroad she has participated in 45 joint exhibitions. She has had 3 solo exhibitions and also she has received 9 awards. She has arranged many Raku and Paper Kiln Workshops.


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Combination of Ceramic and MixedMedia in Artistic Forms
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Exhibition of Artworks
Exhibition of Artworks
Exhibition of Artworks
Exhibition of Artworks
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