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Liu Xin, born in 1970 in Dezhou City, Shandong Province, is one of a member of International eramic Artists Association, a master of Shandong Ceramic Art, Vice Chairman and Secretary General of Dezhou Aritists Association, Deputy Director of Dezhou Pingjin Society of Seal Arts.


He once learned ceramic carving from Mr. Li Ziyuan, who is a master of Chinese Ceramics. His works are characterized by elegant style and profound artistic conception. By combining the application of glaze with ceramic carving and through uniquely adopting epigraphy techniques in his works, he created a new prospect of ceramics featured by Chinese landscape painting with the theme of ice and snow. In recent years, he has been focusing his attention on the creation of ceramic seal by referring the design, more emphasis on lines and divisions of corners of Tsung-yu, a jade article in the cylinder shape that are square outside and round inside. The decoration of the head of the seal with Chinese characters and the stark contrast between the different textures and glazes make his works carrying more modern sense and presenting a strong visual impact. He made certain contribution to explore the application of the seal-cutting art in ceramics. He is extolled as Liu Ceramic Seal. His studio named Pottery-Stone Ware Workshop is appointed as internship base of Department of Fine Arts of Dezhou University. He won many awards at national level and provincial level.

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