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Yan xiangong

As a member of the Fresco Institute of China, Mr.YanXiangong is awarded the honourable titles of the master of arts and crafts of Shandong Province, the master of ceramic arts of Shandong, the senior painter and the research fellow of Shandong Imperial Arts Academy. He holds the posts of the vice president of the Ceramicscut Cultural Research Association of China, the vice president of the Ceramic Arts Special Committee of Shandong Province and the judger of the National Ceramicscut Competition. He has been engaged in arts research of fresco, ceramiccut, ceramic plate painting, ceramic arts and traditional Chinese painting for many years. In the national large scale exhibitions, his three works have won the gold prizes and his two works got the sitver prize, and also in the provinccal exhibitions, he has won many prizes, among them, his works ¡<Pu Songling¡\ and ¡<Happiness¡\ separately won the silver prize and the gold prize in the Eighth and the Tenth ¡<International Wood and Fire Festival¡\. He has published three albums of his paintings as ¡<YANXIANGONG FRESCO SELECTED WORKS¡\ etc.


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Exhibition of Artworks
Exhibition of Artworks
Exhibition of Artworks
Exhibition of Artworks
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