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Sally Walk

Sally¡¯s large ceramic sculptures focus on form, positive and negative space, texture and line. Her work is hand built using an earthenware clay body and incorporates incising and carving to add heavy texture and patterning. Her emphasis is what she can do with clay.

Currently she is exploring the idea of disguised eccentricities. ¡°I am interested in how we as individuals require a certain outward appearance in order to function in society and of course the tension that creates. This translates into my sculptures by using exaggerated flowing, spiky, baroque inspired forms to represent eccentricity, covered by an all over white glaze to act as a disguise.¡±

Sally has a Bachelor Art ¨C Ceramic Design, a Post Graduate Degree in Education ¨C Double Visual Arts and is currently completing a Master of Visual Arts at Monash University, Victoria Australia. She recently returned from a successful residency in France in 2009 and has also completed a 1 year art residency in Melbourne, Australia. She has been the recipient of a Regional Arts Victoria grant and has exhibited in France and widely throughout Victoria, Australia.


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¡¤ Development trend of Contemporaryceramic art -Australia
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Exhibition of Artworks
Exhibition of Artworks
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