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Yong-Yoon Kim(Korea)

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Yong-Yoon Kim

1950 born in Chungnam;  1977 graduated from Hongik University, Seoul, Korea;  1978 founded Kuseon Ceramic Gallery.

Personal Exhibitions:

1991, Hyundai Gallery;  1993, Gallery Seoho;  1995, Dado Art Gallery;  1997, Palace of Art Center and the Gallery Hong Eui;  1998, Seongkok Art Gallery and the Palace of Art Center; 

1999, Seongkok Art Gallery, the Kwangju Shinsaege Gallery, the Woojin Cultural Space, and the Korea Immigration History Memorial Hall; 

2001, Namyangju Art Center;  2002, Kim Ok-Kil Memorial Hall;  2003, Bulil Art Center;  2005, Gallery Shunn, Japan, and the Andrew Shire Gallery, U.S.A. 

Selected Exhibitions and activities:

1972-81  Received three awards in national exhibitions

1983-92  Lecturer in Hannam University, Japan

1977  Participated in Modern Industrial Ceramic Exhibition

1980  Participated in Korea Ceramic Artist Exhibition

1982  Participated in Korea Modern Ceramic Artist Exhibition

1992  Participated in Seoul Grand Industrial Exhibition

1996  Korea-Germany Joint Modern Ceramic Exhibition, Pathaus Gallery, Germany

1996  Korea-Italy Joint Modern Ceramic Exhibition, Faenza, Italy

1998  Korea-Russia Joint Modern Ceramic Exhibition, Moscow, Russia

2004  Friends Exhibition, exchange between Korea and Japan for 3 persons.


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Member Album
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Exhibition of Artworks
Exhibition of Artworks
Exhibition of Artworks
Exhibition of Artworks
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